Agrupamento de Escolas de
Albufeira Poente

Useful information

For newly arrived students

Student card

It provides access to the school: to enter and leave school. You have to charge it up at the school stationary or school kiosk in Bloco B to buy tickets for meals, snacks, drinks and other expenses.

Meal tickets

They have to be bought before the day they refer to. You can also buy them with a fine on the same day until 10 a.m..

  • Normal price: 1,46€
  • With a fine: 1,76€

Vegetarian option available

Access to Inovar

This is a program that is useful to check the students' absences, their school results, behavioural recording, and test days.

Use the following credentials:

  • Login: Student card number or process number
  • Password: Number of the given I.D. document

Getting school books

Books are free and they can be borrowed. You just have to apply on the platform MEGA -

In order to clear up any doubts, you can go to ASE or GAAF.


ASE stands for Financial Support for Underprivileged Students. This support must be requested from ASE. The office is located in Bloco A.


It means Students’ Support Office. It also helps families. It’s located in Bloco F, Room 27.

At the Students’ Support Office (GAAF) you can find some help to integrate students from migrant backgrounds.


It intends to support the integration of refugees in the municipality of Albufeira and to ensure that refugees are provided with adequate services to their needs.

  • Address:
    • Rua da Oliveira, n.º 57
    • Quinta da Palmeira
    • Albufeira
  • Telephone number: 289 599 656
  • Email:

Telephone Translation Service (STT)

A group of 60 translators/interpreters that are proficient in Portuguese and in other languages. This service puts the technician of a specific service, the translator and the migrant into a conference call. The service can be available free of charge from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. The translation can be instant or scheduled.

Telephone number: 808 257 257 / 218 106 191


The High Comission for Migration in collaboration with the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs provides a set of tools and measures that opens doors to ideas and projects and turn them into actions in national territory.

For more information contact Joana Silva -
(Provedora do Aluno Migrante - Ombudsman of migrant students)